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Can I Drink Softened Water?

The water authorities recommend you should drink water as supplied through the mains. They are confident in the knowledge that the water they produce is of drinkable quality and therefore recommend it.
The fundamental difference is that hard water contains calcium, which is extracted and replaced with sodium during the softening process. For every hundred parts per million of calcium removed, fifty parts per million of sodium are added. The additional sodium is in the form of sodium carbonate, not salt, which is sodium chloride. The sodium quantity that is added is so small that it is insignificant. To put this into perspective listed below are the sodium contents of a glass of London tap water, which has been softened, and some other common foods:

1 glass of softened London tap water:

25 milligrams of sodium

1 glass of milk:

122 milligrams of sodium

1 slice of white bread:

138 milligrams of sodium

1 tablespoon of tomato sauce:

177 milligrams of sodium

1oz cheddar cheese:

198 milligrams of sodium

1 8oz yoghurt:

250 milligrams of sodium

1 chocolate milkshake:

347 milligrams of sodium

1 slice of apple pie:

406 milligrams of sodium

1 frankfurter:

490 milligrams of sodium

1 cup of tomato soup:

1034 milligrams of sodium

3oz of ham:

1055 milligrams of sodium

 Glass of soft water
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