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Testing your water

To test the hardness of your water supply, you will need is a sealable container (capable of holding water) and some Palintest® test tablets (we recommend at least 15). Alternatively, you can call us on 01440 761500 and we can send you a testing pack containing everything you need.


Fill a container with about 50ml of water from your tap.

Add one tablet and seal and shake the container until the tablet has dissolved.
Continue to add tablets as before until the colour changes from, red to dark blue.

Count the number of tablets used and then refering to the chart below, find the number of tablets used in the column on the left. The column on the right will give you the hardness setting you need to set.

For example if it took 10 tablets to turn the sample blue you would set the water softenetr on setting C.

A is the softest water and D is the hardest.

atlantis hardness test kit front.JPG
test kit2.jpg
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