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Commercial water softeners

Commercial Simplex  Water Softener Range 


Atlantis are pleased to introduce a new range of softeners designed for either large domestic or small commercial applications.  


The salt tank can be sited remotely from the softener allowing for flexibility of installation.  
Softeners are supplied with ¾” BSP connections

or 1” BSP if required.

The range consists of four models, with capacity from 2400 ltrs (15 people) per day up to  
8300 ltrs (50 people) at 21 degrees Clarke.


Each softener can be equipped with either time control, mechanical meter or electronic meter. High quality solvent free, food grade resin is used throughout and there is a manual regeneration override on all models.  

Commercial Water Softener Range

Installation requirements:   


Water pressure: 20-70 psi.  


Operating temperature: 2-49C.  


Drain and overflow facility.   


240v 3pin socket or fused spur.  

(See installation instructions for full details). 


Installation Specification:  


Suitable for all types of plumbing systems.  


A 22mm installation kit is included.  


Control Approvals: NSF/ANSI 44, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001   

Commercial Water Softener Specification Chart
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