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Terms and Conditions



All Atlantis water softeners are automatically covered from the date of purchase by a full one year parts and
labour guarantee against manufacturing defects. If you register your product, within 28 days of purchase, you can claim your free TEN YEAR PARTS GUARANTEE

Please note however, that the following exceptions apply:

- Callouts due to incorrect installation. Please refer to the installation instructions supplied with your softener. Callouts for incorrect installation will be chargeable at full call out price.
- Damage caused by high water pressure. Please see page 2 of the installations instructions, which recommends use of a pressure-limiting valve for high-pressure installations
- Damage caused by contaminated water supply.
- Use of any other installation components other than those supplied with the Atlantis Water Softener installation kit.
- Incorrect application of equipment supplied by Atlantis Water Treatment Ltd.
- The effects of water contamination resulting in the degradation of resin.
- Compensation as a result of damage caused by the water softener.
- Parts that are exposed to potential damage from external sources such as, but not limited to, power surges.
- Postage costs for the supply of replacement parts.
- Damage caused as a result of service/repair by a third party.
- Units installed outside of UK mainland

Proof of purchase may be requested when registering your product



Any appointments where the engineer is unable to access the property will be charged at full call-out rate.

Service calls are given as morning calls (8:30am-1pm) and afternoon calls (1pm-5pm).

Although we will endeavour to arrive during the given time slots, we cannot be held responsible for late arrivals due to circumstances outside of our control.

All service/repair work is covered by a full 6 month warranty from date of last chargeable call

Return visits between 6 months and 12 months will incur a nominal charge of £36 including VAT

Return visits found to be the result of work undertaken by a third party will be charged at the full rate

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