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Commercial Water Softeners

AT350 Saves 50% of Water Usage!

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Eco-Logic AT350

The future of water softening starts here. 

Here at Atlantis, we’ve been manufacturing water softeners since 1999, and our ethos has always been to provide our customers with the best and most innovative water softeners available. 

So it’s not surprising that we are at the forefront of technology yet again, bringing you our latest and most environmentally friendly water softener ever. 

We are proud to introduce the Eco-Logic AT350 – a new generation of water softener, which is more ecologically sustainable, uses significantly less water and less salt, yet produces as much soft water as you and your family need, without compromise. 

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The Original AT210 Water Softener

AT210 big _edited_edited.jpg

The Atlantis AT210 – 
the water softener reinvented


You’ve never seen a water softener as good as this before

The AT210 is an uncompromisingly modern appliance – the result of a complete re-appraisal of the conventional water softener.
The AT210 combines the best quality components, gives priority to ease of use and is an efficient, user friendly modern appliance.
Design advantages over the average softener include: a slimline cabinet with improved vessel proportions; the most reliable control valve in the world; and state of the art electronics that are up gradable and re programmable, so that the AT210 stays at the leading edge of water softener technology.

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New 22mm
High Flow Kit
Super fast
Flow Rates
Easy Flex

HI flo hoses_edited.jpg

Chosen for their ease of installation.

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A Range for Larger Applications

Commercial Water Softener Range

Atlantis are pleased to introduce a new range of softeners for either large domestic or small commercial applications.  

The salt tank can be sited remotely from the softener allowing for flexibility of installation.  
Softeners are supplied with ¾” connections but 1” connections are also available. 

A simple push bypass is supplied to ease installation.   

The range consists of four models, with capacity from 2400 ltrs (15 people) per day up to  
8300 ltrs (50 people) at 21 degrees Clarke. 

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Pushfit Drain
Saves Time
During Installation

Easy pushfit drain connector

.Speeds up installation.

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Bypass, High flow kit, Drain clamp
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