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Setting The Capacity on Your New Water Softener

Follow these simple steps to set up your new water softener

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Step One:

Click the link to your local water authority:

- Affinity Wate

- Anglian Water

- Cambridge Water

- Essex & Suffolk Water

Southern Water

South West Water

- Thames Water

- United Utilities

- Wessex Water

Enter your postcode and find your hardness in PPM or English Degrees Clarke

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Step Two:

Set your softener to either A, B, C or D according to the following:

A = Below 270PPM (19 Clarke)

B = 271 - 343PPM (20
 - 25 Clarke)

C = 344 - 429PPM (26 - 31 Clarke)

D = Over 430PPM (32 Clarke)

To change the setting, simply click the Select button repeatedly until the desired setting is reached.

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